Collegiate Hall - College Preparatory Charter School


There are two big things that set STEM at Collegiate Hall apart. The first is that we teach computer programming. Students at Collegiate Hall learn Javascript, the computer language that runs the web from Apple to Zappos. Students also can join a coding club to learn HTML/CSS, Ruby, or Python. Students build projects like games, simulations, even computer-generated art. The second thing that sets Collegiate Hall apart is that we take seriously the idea that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (the "S," "T," "E," and "M" of STEM) are integral parts of one another. Rigorous mathematics is incorporated in our forthcoming physics class, math and science are important parts of our programming class, science is an important theme in math class. In other words, we recognize that rigor can't happen in STEM unless each of the subjects are illuminated by each other.