Schoolrunner is a student data management system, and is integrated with Collegiate Hall's existing Student Information System (SIS). Collegiate Hall uses Schoolrunner to track academics, attendance, behavior communication and standards mastery in one place.


Collegiate Hall Middle School Parents and Guardians are now able to view their student’s grade online at any time with Schoolrunner Guardian Access. Scroll for instructions on how to create a Schoolrunner account, how to use Schoolrunner and for information on Collegiate Hall's grading policies and methods.



In order to view your student's grades, you must first create a parent/guardian account on Schoolrunner using your personalized Student Access Code. Student Access Code(s) were sent to the primary guardian's email address on file.


To find this email, open your email account and search for the subject line "Guardian Access to {Student First Name}'s Grades // Collegiate Hall Middle School". Your Student Access Code is included in that email. 

*Note: each student has their own access code. If you have more than one Collegiate Hall student, you would have received an email for each student with their own code.



Follow these steps to create a Schoolrunner Guardian account:

  1. Visit:

    • Before you can sign in, you first must create a Schoolrunner account.

  2. Near the bottom, click "Parent/Guardian Sign Up

  3. Enter your personal information, beginning with the provided “Student Access Code".

  4. Enter YOUR (Guardian) email that you want to use.

  5. Enter YOUR (Guardian) first and last name.

  6. Create a password that meets the password requirements. 

  7. Click "Create Account"

Guardian Access to Student Grades // Collegiate Hall


How do I add additional students to my account?

After you have created a Schoolrunner account…

  1. Go to Schoolrunner by visiting the Student Portal at
  2. On the Student Portal, click on the "Schoolrunner" button at the top.
  3. Log in to Schoolrunner using the email and password you used when creating your account (if you have not yet created your account, please see #1).
  4. In the top right corner of the screen, click on the settings icon ⚙️
  5. Click “ADD STUDENT”
  6. Enter the Student Access Code for the student you want to add to your account.
  7. Click “Add”

How do I see my student's grades?

Once you have created a Schoolrunner account…

  1. Go to Schoolrunner by visiting the Student Portal at
  2. On the Student Portal, click on the "Schoolrunner" button at the top.
  3. Log in to Schoolrunner using the email and password you used when creating your account.
  4. Once you are in Schoolrunner, click “Grades” on the menu at the top of the page.

How do I use the Schoolrunner portal?

On the Schoolrunner website, enter your username and password to access up-to-date progress reports and behavior information. The landing page in the parent/student portal is the slip. This shows a summary of behavior and academics over the past week. You can view past slips by selecting the desired date from the field labelled "Choose Slip Date" at the upper-right. Note that your slip may look different, and may not include both academic and behavioral information. The layout depends on how your school has configured slips. In addition to the slip, you can see grades by clicking on "Grades" in the main menu. The grid shows you performance for each course for each grading term. Hover over grades to view a summary of each course and its assessments. You can also hover over a GPA to see a helpful explanation of that number. Click "Progress Reports" from the main menu to review grades by course, term, assessment, grade earned and more. The filter options on the left of the page allow you to determine course, grading term, and more. Lastly, the "Class Attendance" and "Attendance" pages give an overview of tardies and absences earned by the student this year. Filters and a summary are available on the left side.

Parents/Guardians: How to Reset Your Password

Reset your password in the upper right of your screen, after you've logged in to the Schoolrunner portal. Click your user icon and then choose "Change Password". You'll be required to enter, confirm, and save your new password, and it will have to satisfy all of the password requirements. Note that you must already have a Schoolrunner account and be able to log in to reset your password.

I have more questions about my student's grades

For questions about student grades, or if you are experiencing issues accessing your account, please email your student's advisor or Ben Imlay, Dean of Culture + Community at Don't know your student's advisor's email? Visit our staff directory page here.


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