Collegiate Hall - College Preparatory Charter School
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The goal of the Collegiate Hall Reading Department is to create a life-long reader out of each student. Students will be given considerable freedom through independent reading time to practice essential skills on texts they find interesting and relevant. Teachers will work with students to create individualized work plans that facilitate learning.

4th Grade

Students will become accustomed to the Collegiate Hall reading workshop model of learning. Students will read chapter books, engage in literary discussion, and write short essays on class material.

5th Grade

Students will learn not only how to read and process the world with a more critical eye, but will also learn how to express these thoughts in writing with clarity. Children will find that reading and writing are central to human existence, and find joy in the communal struggle we participate in on a daily basis in the classroom.

6th Grade

Students will read age-appropriate texts, write full length book reviews and recommendations, and lead Socratic seminars.