W.I.N. Classes + New Schedules

W.I.N. is an acronym that stands for "What I Need", and is the name of Collegiate Hall's new Guided Reading (GR) and Math Intervention (MI) classes that begin on Monday, January 25th. WIN Classes are small groups where students in each group receive leveled math and reading instruction on a rotational basis throughout the week. WIN Classes will provide each student with more targeted instruction on their individual level, meeting each student where they are currently at academically.

Students will join their specific WIN Group via Zoom. They can access their group's Zoom meeting link on our WIN page: www.collegiatehall.org/win

WIN Class attendance is mandatory - students must attend every Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fri. Student's grades in WIN are based on attendance:

  • 100% if they are in attendance and participating the entire class

  • 50% if they are in attendance for part of the class (this includes being tardy)

  • 0% if they do not attend.

The addition of WIN Classes also brings a revised daily schedule for students in all grades. To view these new schedules, click on the corresponding grade below or visit our Student Portal page at www.collegiatehall.org/students


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