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7th Grade News // Week 10

Mrs. Marshall - Social Studies

8th grade and 7th grade Social Studies is getting ready to take their Unit 2 assessment and complete their Unit 2 performance assessments. Students are highly encouraged to come to office hours to go over all of the content learned in Unit 2, and get help on the specific assignments you have questions about. Can't wait to see you there!

Ms. Marshall - Student Check-Ins

Students who want extra 1:1 time with Mrs. Marshall are able to request check in times with her via Calendly. These will begin Nov. 16 and will continue throughout the semester. MC Pride members will have at least 1 mandatory check in to provide the girls with more space to talk about their badgework, academics and other happenings in their life (opt). Though geared towards MC Pride members, this is open and optional for ALL Social Studies students. If you feel your student would benefit from 1:1 academic coaching for Social Studies, please reach out!

Reminder: 7th Grade Social Studies Office Hours, Tuesday/Friday 12:15PM-1:15PM