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4th Grade News // Week 10

Hello, 4th-grade families! A few notes from our teachers.

Mr. Marshall - Reading

Hello! Good question for adults to ask their scholars: What is the sentence starter for writing an expert level inference?

Answer: I think __(inference)__because in the text __(Evidence)__ ,and I know that __(Schema)__.

Ms. Butay - Math

Greetings Math Wizards! I want to encourage you all to practice your multiplication facts for at least 5 mins everyday. Here are some ways you can practice at home:

  • Make flashcards

  • Roll two dice, then multiply the 2 numbers together

  • Memorize your 1-12 multiplies

Ms. Lombard - Science

Hi Scientists! We are continuing to study Geology!

Student Challenge: Explain to someone in your home how tectonic plates move!

  • Model with your hands convergent, divergent, and transform movements.

  • What landforms are created with each movement?