Quarter 3/Office Hour Classes Resume

Attendance matters. Research shows that attendance improves your student’s chances of graduating from high school and college. Virtual learning is no different.

Office Hours (Class Schedules)

Starting Monday, January 11th, all core contents will resume their normal class/office hours schedule. Attending office hours is highly encouraged for all students. Students who attended 40+ office hour classes scored an average of 80% for semester 1, whereas students who only attended 1 or less office hour classes scored an average of 45% for semester 1.

Parents: please encourage your student to attend office hours for all their classes everyday!

Pride Class (Mandatory Attendance)

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, students will log on to either a Morning Pride Meeting each morning from 8:30 am - 9:30 am OR an Afternoon Pride Meeting from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm.

Wednesday Exact Path + Attendance Survey

On Wednesdays, Collegiate Hall Middle School students (grades 4-8) attend by completing their Wednesday Exact Path Assignments and Attendance Survey in their Pride Google Classroom. The attendance survey is due by 3 PM on Wednesdays. Students must submit the attendance survey by 3 PM to be marked present. Students who do not submit the attendance survey or who submit the attendance survey after 3 PM will be marked absent.

Click here to go to the Student Portal and view daily schedules for each grade.