CH Changemakers Interview Community "Super Connectors"


On Tuesday, Collegiate Hall 7th grader, Elijah Harris, and 8th grader, Dalhis Ford, had the opportunity to interview the Executive Director of the Tulsa Health Department, Dr. Bruce Dart, as a part of their Tulsa Changemakers Impact Project focused on raising awareness of the ways to curb the spread of COVID-19. Dalhis was the main questioner while Elijah diligently took down notes.

Collegiate Hall Tulsa Changemakers

Two months ago, Elijah and Dalhis began the Changemakers process by asking their family, peers and community members what they would like to change in their community. After listening, they shared with each other what they had learned from their interviews and settled on the COVID-19 pandemic as their Changemakers topic because, as Elijah noted, "COVID-19 is having a BIG impact on people's lives in our community".

Since choosing their topic, Elijah and Dalhis have been working hard to collect feedback and suggestions from the community for project ideas that they could work on that would reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the Tulsa community. First, they sent out a survey to Collegiate Hall students, families and staff as well as the community at large. Then, on Tuesday, December 8th, Elijah and Dalhis invited Dr. Dart to be one of their "Super Connectors" to be interviewed about their project.

Part of the Changemakers "Listen, Listen, Act" curriculum involves the students interviewing "SuperConnectors", which are leaders in the Tulsa community who can share insight on the student's project as well as help connect students to organizations and other leaders who could help.

After analyzing the survey and learning from Dr. Dart, Dalhis and Elijah concluded that the best way for them to make the most impact on the pandemic is by raising awareness around the three W's:

  1. Wear your Masks!

  2. Wash your Hands!

  3. Watch your Distance!

To do this, Dalhis and Elijah are looking for volunteers who would like to help create Public Service Announcements in the form of catchy advertisements and music videos that raise awareness about the 3 W's. If you would like to participate in this project, please email Collegiate Hall Changemakers' coach, Ben Imlay, at

Dalhis and Elijah will also be presenting their project at Pitch Night on December 17th at 5:30 PM. Pitch Night will be hosted on Facebook Live. To join the event and learn more, please visit:

What is Tulsa Changemakers?

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Tulsa Changemakers (TC) is a semester long, 25-session afterschool youth leadership development and action program that empowers elementary, middle, and high school students from Tulsa Public Schools and Union Public Schools to make meaningful change in their schools and communities.​

TC specializes in an asset-based and youth-driven approach to community impact. Elementary, middle, and high school cohorts leverage their unique perspectives, conduct listening campaigns to identify community strengths and challenges, and work collaboratively to drive real and measurable change.

In the process, youth form meaningful relationships with influential people and organizations, build skills in leadership and design thinking, and generate momentum for success in school and beyond. Changemakers develop a high level of civic responsibility, personal agency, and connection to Tulsa.

To learn more about Tulsa Changemakers, visit: