Collegiate Hall - College Preparatory Charter School

Collegiate hall is a free, public school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All students living in Tulsa are welcome to apply. Highlights of our model include:

Effective Teachers

  • Specialized teachers that teach one subject daily (reading, math, science or social studies)
  • Weekly teacher professional development to ensure college preparatory academics and focused, achievement-oriented classrooms

Rigorous, College Preparatory Academic Program

  • College preparatory curriculum including daily instruction in reading, math, science and social studies for all students
  • STEM-focused electives across all grades: arithmetic (4th grade), writing (5th grade), computer science (6th grade), creative engineering (7th grade) and physics (8th grade)
  • 95 minutes of literacy daily, including tailored support based on each student’s reading ability
  • 75 minutes of math daily, including small-group instruction

Purposeful Assessment of Student Progress

  • Tutoring and homework help built into the school day
  • Additional Saturday tutoring offered twice per month
  • Frequent communication with parents on student progress

Structured School Environment

  • Small school environment (60 students total per grade)
  • Classroom structures that keep students safe, focused, and learning
  • Extended school day (7:30 AM - 4:30 PM)
  • Extended school year beginning in early August (178 total days)

Values-Driven School Culture

  • Daily school meeting focused on character, academics, college, and teambuilding
  • Weekly character education centered on Collegiate Hall’s core values
  • Discipline system based on restorative practices and building students’ character
  • Individual and team-based incentives to recognize students for their hard work

Meaningful Relationships

  • Advisory program to provide mentorship between advisor and students
  • Team atmosphere within each advisory and class
  • Weekly communication between school and parents and monthly communication between advisor and families