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Introduction To Our School

Dear Friends and Supporters of Collegiate Hall, 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

That journey – acceptance to, persistence in, and graduation from college for every Collegiate Hall student – started in 2014, with the decision by the Tulsa Public School Board of Education to authorize Collegiate Hall to educate students in the community around 61st and Peoria. As we enter 2015, we continue working towards one goal: establishing Collegiate Hall Charter School, a public, college preparatory charter school that provides students – regardless of their race, gender, or socioeconomic status – the intelligence and character to become the future leaders of our city.

This newsletter is a welcome to our school, an introduction to our mission, and a preview of our core beliefs. We encourage you to share them with colleagues, friends, and family. On behalf of the entire Collegiate Hall founding team, we thank you for your support and partnership as we work together to bring Collegiate Hall to life.


Nikhil Kawlra

Lead Founder, Collegiate Hall Charter School

Our Core Pillars and Core Beliefs

Collegiate Hall will open its doors in August 2015 to 60 fourth and 60 fifth grade students. We will grow one grade level per year, building a seamless 4th-8th school that will provide students with the rigorous education and character development needed to put them on the path to college graduation.

We know that there is no easy solution to achieving our ambitious goal. Instead, missiond riven, ambitious teachers will work relentlessly to determine what students need academically and then provide it to them.

The two core pillars of Collegiate Hall’s work – rigorous academics delivered by great teachers and a school culture that is structured, supportive, and achievement-oriented – are designed to provide students with the tools for school and life success.

Collegiate Hall’s core beliefs, built upon these two pillars, are based on the proven practices of the highest performing charter schools in the nation. Subsequent newsletters will highlight one of our core beliefs and its effect on student achievement.

  • College graduation is imperative for all students.

  • Effective teachers who work relentlessly on behalf of students drive academic success.

  • A rigorous, college preparatory academic program grounded in literacy and math educates students for long-term academic and career success.

  • Purposeful assessment of student progress with tailored interventions empowers everystudent to succeed.

  • A structured school environment founded on accountability, support, and joy is critical for building a culture of high achievement.

  • A value-based culture of Courage, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance and Compassion prepares students to be leaders and overcome any challenge.

  • Meaningful relationships between the school and community and between teachers and their students are the strongest support for the work we do.

Our Progress

We have been working hard to build the foundation for Collegiate Hall. In each newsletter, we will share updates on our progress. Below is information on our work to date.

  • We have assembled an outstanding team to serve as the Board of Directors for Collegiate Hall. We are proud to have Xan Black, Lyn Entzeroth, Justin Harlan, J. Douglas Janes, Monroe Nichols, Gregory Shaw, Elsa Velasco and Elizabeth Vereecke lending their experience and expertise on behalf of the students and families Collegiate Hall will serve. We are continuing to expand our team, and look forward to additional membership and contributions in the months ahead.

  • Nikhil Kawlra, Lead Founder of Collegiate Hall, recently completed the prestigious Building Excellent Schools Fellowship. Through the BES Fellowship, Mr. Kawlra is conducting in-depth study of the nation’s highest performing charter schools. Mr. Kawlra is grateful for every school that has opened its doors to allow his study; the proven best practices of these schools have guided the core beliefs and vision for Collegiate Hall.

  • Collegiate Hall has begun recruiting founding teachers and students for its inaugural class. Collegiate Hall will begin its inaugural staff development on July 7 and doors will open to our founding classes of 4th and 5th grade students on August 4. Prospective families must complete a simple application to enter our public, need-blind lottery. Collegiate Hall seeks to serve any family who is eager for a safe, structured and academically focused school and the for the opportunity to work hard to prepare for college.

  • Collegiate Hall has a website. To learn more about the school's model, get to know our founding team, apply for the admissions lottery, make a financial contribution, or join our staff, you can now visit Collegiate Hall online.

Our Call to Action 

You can help bring Collegiate Hall to life for our students. Each update will provide ways for you to participate in the development of the school.

  • Suggest Community Connections. We will be connecting with community members over the coming months to learn about educational needs and to share our vision for Collegiate Hall. If you are a member of a community group or can connect us to one, we would love to talk to you at your community meeting, church, community organization, or parent group—anywhere that people want to talk about educational opportunities for their children. If you have ideas or connections, please let us know.

  • Volunteer Time to Support Student Recruitment. A core component of the charter authorization process is strong support from the community. The founding team will be canvasing the neighborhood around 61st and Peoria, having informational meetings in the area, and speaking to parents and community leaders in an effort to educate the community about Collegiate Hall’s mission and to enroll students for our founding class. Fill out a simple form online or reach out to Lead Founder Nikhil Kawlra to volunteer alongside the founding team as we work to bring Collegiate Hall into existence.

  • Connect to Excellent Educators. Great schools require great teachers. Our students’ success is dependent on our ability to find, hire, and develop excellent teachers. If you know any educators who would be a fit for Collegiate Hall, please reach out to Collegiate Hall Lead Founder Nikhil Kawlra.

  • Support Our Students. Collegiate Hall is committed to preparing each of our scholars with the foundation, ambition, and habits necessary for success at Memorial High School, in college and beyond. Join us in propelling students to be college and career ready - each donation of $100 provides a set of books for Book Club, during which students meet in small groups with their teachers to build their literacy skills, a love of books, and a shared culture of reading.

We thank you again for your interest in Collegiate Hall Charter School. The children in our community deserve the kind of game-changing results that the highest performing charter schools across our country are providing. With your support, we will build such a school.

Contact Us!

Nikhil Kawlra, Lead Founder


Nikhil Kawlra
Head of Schools


We want you, the parents, to stay in the loop of happenings in and around Collegiate Hall. Check out the announcements below for updates on new staff members, school lunch changes, after school events, or to simply find opportunities to get involved get involved.

  • Bus Times 2017-2018

  • August 9, 2016 Update

    School starts for all 5th and 6th grade students tomorrow, Wednesday, August 10. Can’t wait to see our students return after the summer and to welcome new students to the Collegiate Hall community!

  • August 8, 2016 Update

    School starts for all 4th graders tomorrow, Tuesday, August 9. Can’t wait to see our students bright and early in full uniform!

Job Postings

  • CEO/Head of School (Superintendent)

    Collegiate Hall is looking for a new CEO/Head of School to lead our organization as we serve more students in the 61st and Peoria community. Find out more or apply to the position here.

  • Middle School Teachers

    Collegiate Hall is looking for middle school teachers, grades 4-8, to teach math, reading, science, social studies, or STEM for the 2020-2021 school year. For more information, please contact Nathalia Takabatake at

  • Culture and Operations Associate

    Collegiate Hall is looking for passionate educators interested in helping for a Culture and Operations Associate to support students and teachers across both the elementary and middle school. For more information, please contact Caitlin Haskins at