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Nicole Murray

Dean of Students, Middle

Hey! I'm Ms. Murray, and I'm the Dean of Students (Middle School). I will deal with school culture and discipline for Upper School. I'm originally from Hartford, Ct, but I've been in Oklahoma since '93, so I'm an Okie.

I attended Oklahoma State University for my undergrad and Ashford University for my Masters. I got into education because I wanted to educate students in my community that has faced challenges in life and represent what can be accomplished with hard work, patience, and individuals that motivate you to grow. I hope that everyone student and family know that I am a partner in their success and an advocate for change that needs to happen to ensure success.
Some fun facts about me are I am a lover of music; I love to garden, longboard, and don't like chocolate. I like candy, Jolly Ranchers, Skittles, Hi-Chews, Now-and-Laters, and all the Rap Snack chips. I love cherry limeades with extra cherry syrup, and a funny quirk about me is I'm double-jointed in my hands. Lastly, I am always smiling and willing to have conversations that build relationships and foster community. As a parent with a student at Collegiate Hall, I am looking forward to seeing our students reach their academic goals in a community that creates life-long learners.