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Jonathan Lein

Math Interventionist, 7th & 8th Grade

Hi I'm Jonathan Lein! Most of the students and staff at Collegiate Hall call me Mr. J, but I will also respond to Mr. Lein (pronounced "lane") if that is more comfortable for you. I'm entering my 3rd year at Collegiate Hall, this year my main duty will be as the math interventionist in 7th and 8th grade, helping to indentify skill and knowledge gaps students have in math, then planning interventions to close those gaps.

My road to Collegiate Hall has been long and varied. I studied Wildlife Ecology in college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in the subject from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. After college, I decided that academic or field research wasn't exactly for me, so I decided to combine my passion for young people and my passion for science through teaching. After completing my coursework to become certified to teach at Wayne State University in Detroit I accepted an opportunity to teache 7th grade science in Glendale, Arizona. I taught in Arizona for 3 years before moving to Tulsa, OK.

What excites me about working at Collegiate Hall is the opportunity to partner with parents, students, and fellow staff in providing a meaningful and impactful learning experience that benefits our students and the community I've grown to love.