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Jeasmine Geiger

Dean of Student Supports

Hi there! I'm Jasmine Geiger and I am the Dean of Student Supports! Most of the work that I do with Collegiate Hall is centered around providing the tools and resources needed for teachers to support students who have academic deficits and learning disabilities, but I also work to ensure that teachers are growing in their craft as educators. This is my third year with Collegiate Hall and each year we get better!

I am originally from Arkansas - born and raised in Dumas, Arkansas and finished out high school and college in Little Rock, Arkansas. I studied Communication Science Disorders with an emphasis in Deaf Education. Shortly after graduating college, I became an educator. It has truly always been one thing that I have been consistently passionate about.

I am a product of my environment. Not just my home, but every aspect of my community has made me who I am today. So my ultimate goal as an educator, as a leader, as the Dean of Student Supports is to be apart of the community that aids in growing, developing, and producing amazing humans. We all play are vital role in the lives of students and the role that I play brings me so much joy!