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Dylan Compton

Lead Teacher, 6th Grade Reading

Hi, I’m Dylan Compton, and I’m the 6th grade reading teacher. This is my first year at Collegiate Hall. Last year, I taught English in Qingdao, China, and before that I taught English part-time while attending Colorado College.

My major was International Affairs and Religion, and my minor was Chinese Language. I’ve just moved back to Tulsa this summer, but I actually graduated high school here before moving to Colorado. I’m really excited to get reacquainted with the area and our local community.

I’m a teacher because education has given me so many opportunities in life that I would never have received otherwise. I attended Colorado College through a scholarship program that helps lower-income and underrepresented students afford and attend top universities. Because the door to college was opened for me, I have gotten to choose a career path I feel passionate about, develop my research and leadership skills, and study and travel in multiple different countries - including China, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, the UK, Thailand, and the Netherlands.

As a teacher, I get the privilege of helping students with backgrounds like mine seize opportunities that we’re often denied equitable access to. I can’t wait to start this year with y’all. See you soon!