Our Model

Collegiate hall is a free, college prep public charter school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our school model is grounded in the belief that all children not only deserve an excellent education, but, if provided one, have the potential to thrive. The following six core believes and principles guide our model -- each of which are designed to provide our students with the exceptional education they deserve. 

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With a supportive structure in place, our teachers are able to focus on student data to differentiate lessons for each student's unique learning style. Purposeful evaluation of student progress leads to more effective, tailored interventions -- which is critical in ensuring every student succeeds:

  • Tutoring and homework help built into the school day.

  • Additional Saturday tutoring offered twice per month.

  • Weekly communication with parents on student progress.

  • Weekly analysis of both academic and behavioral data by teachers, allowing for quick and proactive interventions.  




Our school model starts and ends with exceptional teachers who work relentlessly on behalf of students. It's these highly skilled, highly motivated, and highly committed educators who drive academic success:

  • Specialized teachers that teach one subject daily (reading, math, science or social studies).

  • Strong, data-driven curriculum.

  • Weekly teacher professional development to ensure college preparatory academics and focused, achievement-oriented classrooms.



Our teachers are committed to providing students with a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum

that sets them up for long-term academic and career success:

  • Rigorous daily instruction in all core contents, including
    reading, math, science and social studies.

  • STEM-focused electives across all grades: arithmetic (4th grade),
    writing (5th grade), computer science (6th grade), creative
    engineering (7th grade) and intro high school science (8th grade).

  • 95 minutes of literacy daily, including tailored support based on each student’s reading ability.

  • 75 minutes of math daily, including small-group instruction.


& Support

A rigorous curriculum is only as effective as the culture it lives in.

This is why we strongly believe in the power of a structured school environment founded on high expectations, accountability, support, and joy -- this collective commitment is critical for building a culture of high achievement.

  • Small school environment (60 students total per grade)

  • Classroom structures that keep students safe, focused, and learning

  • Restorative discipline practices that focus on skill-building, not punitive punishment. 

  • More time learning -- extended school day (7:45 AM - 4:10 PM); extended year.

  • Values-based experiential Circles Social Emotional Learning Program





  • Weekly participation in Pride Circles -- an experiential SEL program. 

  • Weekly character education centered on Collegiate Hall’s core values. 

  • Restorative discipline practices focused on building students’ character.

  • Team and community building activities focused on developing student--leaders.

A values-driven culture of Courage, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, and Compassion prepares students to rise above any challenge and develop into our community's future leaders.


At Collegiate Hall, we strongly believe in the adage, “it takes a village” –

that children benefit when all parts of their development are connected, and that education involves more than what takes place during the school day.

  • Advisory community to provide mentorship between advisor and students.

  • School/Family/Community initiatives to best support the holistic development of our kids. 

  • Annual service projects where students go out in the Tulsa community to make a difference. 

  • CH Partnership Teams led by parents to elevate parent voice and input in our school. 



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