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Our Model

We envision a world where all children are prioritized and guaranteed equitable access to an education that nurtures, empowers and prepares them for a purposeful life. The foundation of this vision is our ability as educators to develop our young people as human beings, not just students.

We strongly believe that engaging students - and the community that supports them - in comprehensive human development is essential to their, and our collective, success. 


Our school model is designed around each human dimension - heart, mind, body and spirit - and governed by Five Core Pillars that we believe, when working together, set the foundation for a purposeful life.

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Five Pillars

Exceptional Teachers



Values-Based Culture

Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Community

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Our school model starts and ends with exceptional teachers who work relentlessly on behalf of students. It's these highly skilled, highly motivated, and highly committed educators who drive academic success:

  • Specialized teachers that teach one subject daily (reading, math, science or social studies).

  • Strong, data-driven curriculum.

  • Weekly teacher professional development to ensure college preparatory academics and focused, achievement-oriented classrooms.



Our teachers are committed to providing students with a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum that sets them up for long-term academic and career success:

  • Rigorous daily instruction in all core contents, including reading, math, science and social studies.

  • STEM-focused electives across all grades: arithmetic (4th grade),
    writing (5th grade), computer science (6th grade), creative
    engineering (7th grade) and intro high school science (8th grade).

  • 95 minutes of literacy daily, including tailored support based on each student’s reading ability.

  • 75 minutes of math daily, including small-group instruction.


Learning must be a holistic experience - one that is grounded in the foundational elements of what it means to be human. At Collegiate Hall, we use Valor’s Powered by Compass SEL program (also referred to as "Circles") to engage students – and the community that supports them – in comprehensive human development, which is essential to their, and our, collective success. 


We’re not just teaching students, we’re teaching human beings.

  • Small school environment (60 students total per grade)

  • Classroom structures that keep students safe, focused, and learning

  • Restorative discipline practices that focus on skill-building, not punitive punishment. 

  • More time learning -- extended school day (7:45 AM - 4:10 PM); extended year.

  • Values-based experiential Circles Social Emotional Learning Program