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Shailagh Lannon

Lead Teacher, Pre-K

Hello! My name is Ms. Lannon and I am a Lead Teacher for one of the CHES pre-K classrooms. After two years teaching pre-K at CAP Tulsa, I decided to join the Collegiate Hall team as one of its founding teachers.

I am a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College (a small liberal arts college in my native state of Minnesota) where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. After graduating in 2018 I joined Teach for America and moved to Tulsa, and I have fallen in love with this city. When I'm not teaching, you will probably spot me at a local coffee shop, doing yoga, or spending time with family and friends.

My hope is to partner with you in developing a scholar who is confident, kindergarten-ready, able to self-regulate, shows kindness and respect to all people, and has a love for school and learning. I am a strong advocate for early-childhood education, and am here to do whatever I can for your child during this crucial time of brain development. Here's to your scholar, and a great school year!