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Lily Robistow

Lead Teacher, Kindergarten

Hi! I am Mrs. Robistow, the kindergarten teacher this year. I have two wiener dogs and love to try new restaurants. I mostly spend my free time baking or watching QVC! I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, but Tulsa has quickly become my home as I have fallen in love with the community.

I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with my Bachelors of Science in Biology- Ecological Entomology emphasis. This really just means I love insects! While in school, I realized I could have a greater impact on science by helping cultivate the next generation of scientists as an educator instead of becoming a researcher. I love working with students and seeing their excitement come to life in my classroom.

I hope my classroom will be a place of partnership with families and students, where all feel heard, valued, and challenged to pursue knowledge. I am always working to improve my skills as an educator to ensure my students have the teacher they deserve.