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Alissa Monroe

Dean of Instruction, Elementary

Hello! I am Alissa Monroe and I am the Dean of Instruction at the Elementary School. It is my job to coach our teachers and make sure that our elementary school scholars have the best curriculum and best instruction they could possibly have. This is my fourth year at Collegiate Hall and my ninth year in education in Tulsa.

I was born and raised in Tulsa going to Jenks High School and Oklahoma State University, graduating with a degree in Elementary Education. Every job I have ever had has been in the teaching profession. From coaching gymnastics to teaching swim lessons, I've always loved being around and teaching kids.

I was blessed with a wonderful education and shocked when I realized everyone didn't have the same experience. I am determined to right that wrong. I truly believe that all students can and will learn and deserve an environment in which they can thrive. I look forward to getting to know you and your scholar and work together to help them achieve their dreams.