Collegiate Hall - College Preparatory Charter School

Managing Partner, Pinnacle Investments

David is a Registered Investment Advisor and Managing Partner. His primary responsibilities include assisting with investment policy and execution, supporting the marketing effort, developing new investment strategies and products, client reporting, and administration of the firm’s business affairs. He was a co‐founder of Pinnacle in 1996. David has 29 years of experience in the investment industry including twelve years in fixed income trading and 17 years in investment portfolio management. David managed the taxable securities trading efforts for Liberty Bancorp prior to joining Pinnacle. In addition to his work, David has served on the board of the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless since 1995, filling the roles of Vice President, President and treasurer, successively.

Education: Master in Business Administration (Oklahoma City University), Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics (University of Oklahoma)

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