Regreso a clases 2020-2021

Entendemos que estos tiempos inciertos plantean muchas preguntas. Collegiate Hall tomó la difícil decisión de comenzar nuestro año escolar 2020-2021 con aprendizaje a distancia para todos los estudiantes. La escuela comenzará al 100% virtualmente el 31 de agosto de 2020 para todos los estudiantes en todos los grados. El aprendizaje virtual continuará hasta el 15 de octubre de 2020. Durante ese tiempo, continuaremos monitoreando las tendencias de COVID-19 en nuestra ciudad y estado para determinar nuestro plan para el segundo trimestre del año escolar.
Para estar completamente registrado para comenzar la escuela el 31 de agosto, los padres / tutores deben completar la Orientación virtual + Formularios de inscripción antes del viernes 21 de agosto. Cuando complete el PASO 2: Formulario de inscripción a continuación, se le pedirá que se registre para la Semana de inicio de regreso a clases para recoger uniformes, Chromebooks y otros materiales. En este momento, también podrá completar y entregar cualquier papeleo de inscripción.
Para comenzar el proceso de Orientación Virtual + Registro, siga cada paso a continuación:

Orientación virtual + Registro

Padres / tutores: Complete cada paso a continuación para completar la orientación y el registro para el año escolar 2020-2021. Al completar el registro, un miembro del personal de Collegiate Hall se comunicará con usted para informarle los próximos pasos con respecto a la recogida del dispositivo, la documentación de inscripción y más.

⓵ Step 1: CH Virtual Orientation

To access the Middle School (Grades 4-8) Virtual Orientation Form, please click here. ___ To access the Elementary School (PreK-Kinder) Virtual Orientation Form, please click here. ___ Middle School Welcome Video:

⓶ Step 2: Complete the School Registration Form

Please complete the School Registration form linked here. --- *Note: All Collegiate Hall students will participate in Virtual Learning to start school. All parents/guardians must complete this Registration form in order to ensure their child is registered to receive uniforms, Chrombooks and other tech devices by the start of school on August 31st.

⓸ Step 4: Submit Documentation

All parents/guardians must submit back-to-school forms and documents. The required forms and documents are listed below. Parents/guardians have two options to submit these forms:

  • Option 1: Download enrollment documentation here. Sign, scan and upload here.
  • Option 2: Come to our school on your scheduled Uniform + Device Pick-up Day and complete the forms in person.
*Note: Option 2 will be a 100% contactless process. You will remain in your car and all documents and materials will be brought to you.

Additional Information + Resources:

  1. Review the Back to School Checklist here (will be availible soon).
  2. Find uniform pricing here. *We offer uniform scholarsips for any family who requests one.
  3. Lean more about our teachers and staff here.
  4. Learn more about Our School.
  5. Find student + family services and supports here.
  6. Find culture + language services here.
  7. For any questions or concerns, please contact:
Ben Imlay ✆ 614-570-7724 ✉

⓹ Step 5: Middle School Virtual Home Visits (New Students Only)

Virtual Home Visits are for NEW STUDENTS ONLY. If your child is a returning student, you may skip this step. If you are new to Collegiate Hall, please register for a Virtual Home Visit here or contact: Ben Imlay ✆ 614-570-7724 ✉ After completing the Virtual Home Visit registration, a Collegiate Hall staff member will reach out to you with further details.

⓷ Step 3: Register for Back to School Kick-Off Week

*MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 4-8): To pick up uniforms, a Chromebook(s), and any other requested devices or materials, a parent/guardian must register for Back to School Kick-Off Week. You can register for a slot here. _____ **ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (PreK - Kinder): For the Elementary School (Pre-K and Kindergarten students), please call Mike Haskins, Dean of Operations, at 469-371-2854 to register for Back-to-School Kickoff the week of August 24. Families will receive uniforms, school supplies, and technology devices during Kickoff. *Note: In order to register for tech devices and other materials, a parent/guardian must complete the forms in STEPS 1-2. --- Uniform + Device Pick-Up is a 100% contactless process, meaning you will not come in contact with any person. Our staff will follow all CDC guidelines and recommendations to ensure this process is as safe as possible. If you need special accommodations, please indicate these in this form. For any other questions or concerns, please visit our website at or contact: Ben Imlay 918-946-0178

¡Eventos de regreso a clases!

  • ¡Primer dia de escuela!
    Escuela Charter Collegiate Hall
  • Semana de inicio de regreso a clases
    Salón colegiado (antiguo edificio Wright)
  • Orientation + School Registration Forms

Preguntas frecuentes


BACK TO SCHOOL 2020-2021

When will the 2020-2021 school year begin?

The start date has been set for August 31st. Our full plan will be announced in early August. We will start 100% virtual for all students. For immediate support, please contact: Middle school families: Ben Imlay, Dean of Culture and Community 614-570-7724 Elementary school families: Mike Haskins, Dean of Operations 469-371-2854

What is happening with the 2020-2021 school calendar?

The finalized academic calendar will be released Monday, August 10th. Check back Aug. 10.

What are the school start and end times?

We are working to finalize how start and end time will shift, and will have a finalized plan in early August. For immediate support, please email Ben Imlay at

How can I access support with food, clothing, housing, utilities, or social services

If you need support with food, clothing, housing, utilities, or social services referrals, contact United Way 211 by texting “211OK” to the number 898-211 or calling 2-1-1 from your mobile device.

What is Collegiate Hall's uniform policy for 2020-2021?

If we do any in-person learning, our uniform policy will remain the same. If you ordered new uniforms, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a uniform pick-up slot after you complete the virtual orientation later in August. Click for more information on our dress code policy.

Will before/after care be availible for the 2020-2021 school year?

Will Collegiate Hall provide meals for students during distance learning?

During distance learning, all Collegiate Hall students will continue to have access to TPS breakfast and lunch meals at sites throughout the city. TPS will share details about those sites in late August. Click for more information about existing TPS meal sites.

Will school be in-person or virtual?

School will be 100% virtual to start through October 15. During that time, we will continue to monitor COVID-19 trends in our city and state to determine our plan for the second quarter of the school year. We will update families regularly. Collegiate Hall is providing students with a Chromebook in order to successfully engage in distance learning. To secure a Chromebook for your child, parents/guardians must complete the Orientation + School Registration Form. This form will be availible Monday, August 10. For immediate support, please contact: Middle school families: Ben Imlay, Dean of Culture and Community 614-570-7724 Elementary school families: Mike Haskins, Dean of Operations 469-371-2854

How do I register for school and technology devices?

Families must complete the Orientation + School Registration Form in order to secure Chrombooks. Orientation this year will be an online form sent out in your email and posted online at our website on August 10th. Parents/Guardians must complete the online orientation form by Wednesday, August 19th. It is very important that all parents/guardians complete the orientation form in order to register for Back to School Kick-off Week, where you will receive uniforms, technology and internet devices.

How do we pick up uniforms and turn in paperwork?

First, parents/guardians must complete the Orientation + School Registration Form. In this form, you will be asked to register for Back to School Kick-off Week to pick up your uniforms at school. At this time, you will also be able to complete and turn in any enrollment paperwork.

How will virtual learning be different this year compared to last spring?

Our Spring 2020 distance learning provided valuable data that we are using to implement even stronger distance learning systems this school year. We have already expanded our distance learning curriculum and incorporated distance learning best practices into our summer professional development.





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