1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

Scroll to access resources compiled and created by Tulsa Public Schools, community partners and our very own staff, students and families to commemorate the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Use the resources provided to learn about the rich and thriving community of Greenwood, the horrific massacre that sought to take it all away, and ways you and your family can work to end racism and racial inequities that continue to plague our city.


End The Silence

The Oklahoman surveyed 305 people, nearly all of them Oklahomans, and found 83% said they never received a full lesson on the Tulsa Race Massacre or Black Wall Street in their K-12 school.

The Tulsa Race Massacre is a horrific and shameful part of Tulsa's history - but it is our history. At Collegiate Hall, we must do more than acknowledge the Massacre; our teachers, students and families are committed to reflecting on the truth of our past, and working together to build a safe and equitable city to raise our children. 

This page provides our staff, students and families with resources to learn about the rich and resilient culture of Greenwood and Black Wall Street, as well as the necessary truths of the massacre that attempted to take all of that away.





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